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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor we help you crush real estate investing. The key to success is focusing on marketing for leads and growing a pipeline of potential sellers.

Strong Partnership Team


Our experience team manages the marketing, disposition, and all contract responsibilities.

Buyer's Network


We immediately contact thousands of our preferred and qualified buyers with your property details.



Our proprietary and intellectual property consistently markets, purchases, and sells  properties.   


We manage the entire closing process from contract creation, coordination with the seller, buyer, and closing attorney.


Our years of expertise helps you scale your wholesale business and eliminate any obstacles that may surface.




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About ExpanseOne

ExpanseOne is committed to providing the marketing and support for responsible individuals to underpin their personal attributes. Our process is simple, transparent, and built on a foundation of choice and flexibility. ExpanseOne is helping responsible entrepreneurs eliminate many of the pain points in the wholesale process, with the opportunity to build a more secure financial future.

The Challenge

Many people want to enter the real estate wholesaling business. However, whether they’re a novice who lacks the knowledge, someone who has completed a few transactions and having difficult locating buyers, or someone who would like to focus only on acquisitions, they hope to find a reputable company to partner with on their ventures.

ExpanseOnes' Solution

ExpanseOne understands the challenges of trying to find qualified buyers for wholesale deals, while consistently marketing for leads and growing a sales pipeline. Our co-wholesale and education program is built on our extensive experience partnering with other wholesalers, with the objective closing more transactions.

How It Works

Accepted individuals work with our experience team to acquire and dispose of a wide variety of acquisitions from wholesaling, simple lease options, fix and flips, and buy and holds.

Why It Works

ExpanseOnes’ provides a viable option for those individuals to acquire and dispose of properties while receiving superior and unmatched training and support.

Meet Cheryl 

Learned excellent skills and since joining their Partnership Program, I have profited $44,500 wholesaling properties and $17,200 with simple lease options. 

~ Cheryl Romano ~

Atlanta, GA










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ExpanseOnes' Lease with Option to Purchase Program is offered and administered by Expanse One, LLC a Delaware limited liability company. Resident and property must meet eligibility criteria, which is subject to change. Expanse One is not affiliated with any real estate professional. Resident must qualify for a mortgage from a third party lender or pay the purchase price in cash to exercise the right to purchase a home. ExpanseOne is not a mortgage company, does not provide financing for a resident to purchase a home, and cannot guarantee that a resident will be able to obtain a mortgage loan

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